Multi-AV v8.11 provides access to the Sophos, Trend Micro, Emsisoft, Avira and Kaspersky anti malware engines.



Easy to use, menu driven utility. Just extract and run.



The Multi-Av Scanning Tool is free for use, but it's CharityWare. Donations to Charities are appreciated.


About Multi-AV

The Multi-AV Scanning Tool is distributed in a self-extracting ZIP file (Multi_AV.exe) that uses the KiXtart Script Interpreter { Kixtart is CareWare } and incorporates multiple batch files, multiple KiXtart scripts, one Link (.LNK) file, a PDF instructional help file and two utilities; UNZIP.EXE and WGET.EXE. Other files, such as UNRAR.EXE, will be downloaded as needed.

The Multi-AV Scanning Tool is a software utility that provides multiple anti malware command line scanners to find or detect malware as well as remove it from your computer.

Download Multi-AV

Download The Multi-AV Scanning Tool :


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